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  • Ron Johnson, Pastor

New England Idolatry

I submitted the following letter to the editor of a local paper due to all the adulation given to a popular professional athlete despite his evident fornication. It has not been printed.

Dear Editor:

The recent flurry of fawning articles over the fatherhood of Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady displays how far New England has drifted from the infallible teaching of the Bible on the subject of fatherhood and sexual relations outside of the covenant of marriage. The Biblical definition for Mr. Brady and his girlfriend is fornicators. This is something the Pilgrims who landed on New England’s shores and the Patriots who fought for its freedom would have understood very well, and not have ignored. Yet because so many men and women in New England are addicted to Sunday football rather than truth and righteousness, the hope of another unimportant super bowl is more important to them than the real spiritual danger that Mr. Brady and his girlfriend are in. For what will it profit a fornicating quarter-back if he gains another super bowl ring and loses his soul? The response of New England has clearly shown that his temporary ability to possibly achieve another coveted ring is far more important than the state of his never dying soul.

Ron Johnson, Pastor

Grace Reformed Baptist Church

Amesbury, MA

Phone: 978-518-2308

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